French Animated Musical Painting Clock

French Animated Musical Painting Clock

This wondrous French animated and musical painting clock depicts a rural town set in the mountains. In the church tower resides an 8 day striking clock, and a second clockwork mechanism plays as a carillon on tuned rods.The animation itself is driven by two clockwork mechanisms. To the left of the scene is a blacksmith shop with a worker pumping a bellows, and another forging horseshoes at an anvil. Outside the shop is a horse being shod who nods his head, while an onlooking dog wags his tail. Within the landscape is a spinning windmill and turning waterwheel. A procession of people cross the bridge while boats float down the river below. The complex diorama of motion is accompanied by a large cylinder music box playing four tunes.

SKU: BBEC BG10 $68,000 $47,000 Inquire
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  • French
  • 1 year warranty
  • c.1875
  • 43" L x 29" H