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Rare Swiss Stella 25-5/8" disc music box

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Rare Swiss Stella 25-5/8" disc music box


Rare Swiss 25-5/8" disc double comb music box in upright Mahogany cabinet on original base cabinet by Stella of St Croix.  catalogued as model 202 orchestral grand, this was the largest and most expensive model stella ever offered, thus, very few were made - and even fewer have survived.
There were many variations of this model and we believe this version to be
their finest design. 
To enhance and already highly desirable and conservatively priced music box, it comes with a library of 45 discs, which store in the base cabinet.
72"h x 36"w x 20”d  c. 1900
original price $32,500
sale price $19,500
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