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Rare American Musical Organ Pipe Clock

This is the finest and most original example known of an American musical pipe organ clock — one of only three known to exist. One of the two counterparts is on display in the American Clock and Watch Museum in Bristol, Connecticut, while the other resides in a private collection. The organ has a heavy cast iron frame and a 5” diameter fusée mechanism to drive the piece. There are fifteen decorative gilt wooden pipes on display. A 14” barrel plays seven tunes on 17 wooden flute pipes. The 8-day brass and steel mechanism strikes the hours on a bell. International mechanical musical expert, Arthur Ord-Hume, extolled the outstanding condition of this clock in Clocks Magazine, July 1995. American musical clocks of any type are extremely rare, one playing on organ pipes is extraordinary.

This outstanding clock bears a restoration and a one-year warranty.

40-1/2” High x 22-1/2” Wide x 9” Deep.

Circa 1837 to 1840

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  • American

  • 40-1/2” High x 22-1/2” Wide x 9” Deep
  • Circa 1837 to 1840