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Rare Chinese Automaton Bracket Clock

A rare Chinese-made automaton bracket clock in the style of an 18th century English export clock made for the Chinese market. The pagoda top mahogany case features an automated Chinese figure in the cupola. The clock houses a two-train fusee movement striking on two bells, with animated figure ring a bell in the cupola every fifteen minutes. A crown verge escapement and engraved back plate of the style indicated the date of production as late 18th century.

27-1/2″ High x 11-1/2″ Wide x 7″ Deep

Circa 1790

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  • Chinese
  • Automaton Figure While Striking
  • Two-Train Fusee Movement In the English Style
  • Crown Verge Escapement
  • Center Seconds Hand
  • 27-1/2″ High x 11-1/2″ Wide x 7″ Deep
  • Restored, One Year Warranty
  • Circa 1790