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14K White Gold Filled Lorgnette & 10K White Gold Chain

The word “Lorgnette” derives from a French word meaning “to take a sidelong look at”. Essentially, a lorgnette is a pair of eyeglasses with a handle used to hold them in place rather than fitting over the ears or nose.

This lorgnette has a 14K white gold filled frame and handle with floral engraving. Additionally, it has a fancy 10K white gold chain to drape around the neck. The lorgnette folds in on itself and snaps into place forming a single lens for compact storage. Finally, it comes with the original leather-like case.

34″ overall chain length includes a 5″ single drop length section.

Circa 1940


SKU: JPCL 0556 $730
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  • Lorgnette

  • 14K White Gold Filled Frame & Handle
  • Floral Engraving
  • 10K White Gold Chain
  • 34″ Overall Chain Length
  • Circa 1940