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American Rare Castor Set With Cranberry Glass

A rare Victorian castor set with six cranberry glass bottles in the popular thumbprint pattern. Cranberry glass was a favorite with the Victorians and is still avidly collected today. This set features an elevated mustard pot, a unique arrangement.  Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. crafted the beautiful silver plated pedestal stand.  Another unique characteristic of this period castor set is its hexagonal shape. Further, wonderful artistic motifs inspired by the Aesthetic Movement are hand chased into the metal. The castor set was a very important piece of American Victorian serve ware, and this is a charming example.

20″H x 8″W

Circa 1880




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  • American
  • Six Bottle Castor Set
  • Cranberry Glass with Thumbprint Pattern
  • Elevated Mustard Pot
  • Silver Plate
  • Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co.
  • 20″H x 8″W
  • Circa 1880