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American Regina Rare Gum Dispensing Disc Music Box

A rare and wonderful disc music box that dispenses a stick of gum — how very novel! This fantastic table top model in a beautiful oak case features turned half columns, moldings, beadwork, rosettes, and pad feet. Further it displays a reverse painted glass front. Playing 12 inch discs. Coin-operated at a cost of 1 cent, and made by the infamous Regina Music Box Co. of Rahway, New Jersey. There is nothing quite like the music produced by the antique disc players.

This music box comes fully restored with a one year warranty. Six antique discs are also included.  Such a wonderful innovation and great fun.

21″H x 19 1/4″W x 11 3/4″D

Circa 1890

SKU: AELS 25 $7,800 Inquire
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  • Regina Music Box Co.
  • Gum Dispensing Disc Music Box
  • Coin Operated, One Cent
  • Oak Case
  • 12″ Discs
  • 21″H x 19 1/4″W x 11 3/4″D
  • Restored, One Year Warranty
  • Circa 1890