American Seeburg Nickelodeon Player Piano

This American Nickelodeon Orchestrion model player piano is certainly a delight for the senses. Equipped with both a xylophone and harpsichord to accompany the piano. The viewer experiences three different instruments playing in harmony.

Built in the 1920s by the J. P. Seeburg Company of Chicago, one of the largest and most successful makers of coin operated pianos and orchestrions during this era. Chicago was an epicenter for mechanical music machines during this time period, producing some of the most fantastical specimens of musical automata.

Built in a beautiful rich mahogany cabinet with a unique slagg glass window in the front. Fully functioning lanterns on either side light up when the player function is on, accenting the piano. Culminating in a charming and entertaining showpiece.

This piano takes the most commonly produced paper roll ever made for these types of machines. Resulting in a variety of music to choose from and great opportunity to build a collection.

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  • American
  • J.P. Seeburg Company
  • Circa 1920