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American Victorian Cast Brass Counter Balance Chandelier

This uniquely designed American chandelier dates to the Victorian period and features a fascinating mechanism allowing the user to easily adjust the fixture height. An ingenious counterbalance chain system allows the chandelier to raise and lower seamlessly within the frame without moving the entire fixture itself, providing the user with customizable light.

The chandelier is fashioned from cast brass and retains its original finish and a warm patina. The beautiful filigree frame curves around a central kerosene lamp, now electrified for convenience. Each graceful arm terminates in individual candlestick holders allowing for a choice or combination of electricity or candlelight.

This charming chandelier comes from the estate of famed Hollywood producer Paul Henning, most known for creating the hit show The Beverly Hillbillies.

Height adjustable from 40″ to 60.”

21″ Diameter

Circa 1885

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  • American
  • Victorian Period Chandelier
  • From The Estate of Paul Henning
  • Cast Brass Frame With Counterbalance Mechanism
  • Electrified Center Lantern With Candlesticks On Frame
  • Height Adjustable From 40″ to 60″
  • 21″ Diameter
  • Circa 1885