American Victorian Kimball Pump Organ

This charming musical antique was made by the Kimball Organ Company of Chicago established by William Wallace Kimball in the 1890’s.¬† Kimball Organ was renowned for the high quality of its musical mechanics and expertly crafted cases. This example features a beautiful walnut case embellished with decorative carvings, fretwork and moldings favored in the Victorian era. This pump organ is a treasure of musical history and home decor.

Please note that this antique Kimball pump organ is being offered “as is” and is not currently in playing order.

57″H x 46″W” x 23″D

Circa 1890



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  • American
  • Kimball Organ Company, Chicago
  • Pump Organ,¬†Fitted with Electified Pump
  • Walnut
  • 57″H x 46″W” x 23″D
  • Offered “As Is”, Not Playing
  • Circa 1890