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Art Deco Watch Fob in 14K Gold by Henry Blank

Formerly the accouterment of a gentleman’s timepiece or waistcoat, fobs survive as testaments to the amazing craftsmanship and fashion of eras past. These marvelous antique accessories make the perfect pendant or charm to wear today. Or worn as originally intended – attached to your favorite watch! This beautiful Art Deco fob is crafted in solid 14K yellow gold. The bold geometric lines and architectural design capture the iconic aesthetic of the Art Deco period to perfection. The engraved seal at the bottom displays the monogram¬† A P S.

Behind the fob’s bale is the crescent moon and arrow signature of Whiteside & Blank of Newark, New Jersey. Founded in the 1890s, the firm of Newton E. Whiteside and jeweler Henry Blank held distinguished clients such as Nieman Marcus, Black Starr & Frost, and Tiffany & Co. Most notably, Henry Blank was a recorded First Class passenger aboard the RMS Titanic. Miraculously surviving the tragic sinking on the night of April 15, 1912, Blank went on to continue his work as a respected goldsmith, platinumsmith, and jeweler, producing beautiful examples of the era.

Circa 1910

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  • American
  • 14K Yellow Gold
  • Art Deco Period
  • Signed Whiteside & blank, Newark, New Jersey
  • Monogrammed A P S
  • Circa 1910