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Art Nouveau Enameled Watch Chain by Henry Blank

Crafted in luxurious 14K yellow gold, this ladies’ watch chain is an Art Nouveau treasure. Exquisite pastel blue and white enamel links adorn the entire chain ending at a triangle at the base. Artfully placed in the middle of the central link is an Old Mine Cut diamond sparkling in the light. Dangling from the bottom is a delicate ring clasp suitable for placing various charms and fobs of your choosing.

Behind the central link is the crescent moon and arrow signature of Whiteside & Blank of Newark, New Jersey. Founded in the 1890s, the firm of Newton E. Whiteside and jeweler Henry Blank held distinguished clients such as Nieman Marcus, Black Starr & Frost, and Tiffany & Co. Most notably, Henry Blank was a recorded First Class passenger aboard the RMS Titanic. Miraculously surviving the tragic sinking on the night of April 15, 1912, Blank went on to continue his work as a respected goldsmith, platinumsmith, and jeweler, producing beautiful examples of the era.

The chain measures 19.5″ to the end of the interior and 22″ to the bottom of the ring clasp drop.

Circa 1910

SKU: JPCL 0828 $3,425
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  • American
  • 14K Yellow Gold
  • Art Nouveau Period
  • Signed Whiteside & Blank, Newark, New Jersey
  • Blue And White Enamel Links
  • Old Mine Cute Diamond 0.05 Carats
  • 19.5″ Chain, 22″ To Bottom Of Ring Clasp
  • Circa 1910