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Austrian Musical Painting Clock

This beautifully detailed Austrian musical painting clock features an eight tune cylinder music box. The clock itself houses an eight day, 1/4 hour striking Grand Sonnerie movement. The porcelain dial has Roman numerals.

An ornate carved gilt wood frame surrounds the original high quality painting done on tin . It depicts an Alpine scene with hunters and livestock.

Finally, Franz Rzebitschek of Czechoslovakia signed the music box movement.

Both clock and music box come with a one year warranty.

34″ high x 34″ wide

Circa 1840


SKU: BBEC 108 $12,700
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  • Austrian
  • Musical Painting Clock
  • Original Painting Done on Tin
  • Clock Has Eight Day Grand Sonnerie Movement
  • Quarter Hour Chime
  • Music Box Plays Eight Tunes
  • Music Movement Signed by Franz Rzebitschek of Czechoslovakia
  • One Year Warranty on Both Clock and Music Box
  • 34″ H x 34″ W
  • Circa 1840