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Cartier Panthère Cougar Unisex Wrist Watch

The Cartier Cougar exudes the quality and style synonymous with the famous design house. The Cougar brings a smooth round silhouette to the famous Panthère collection, which is typically square. Clean lines and a classic look make this timepiece equally stylish for either a man or woman.

The watch features a cream dial, Roman numerals, and calendar display. The case is crafted of sleek stainless steel, with gold vermeil encircling the dial. Notably, the winding stem features the iconic Cartier blue gemstone cabochon crown. The timepiece features a quartz movement and authentic Cartier lizard strap.


Restored with an 18-month warranty.

Circa 1980


SKU: MANI 8 $1,450
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  • Cartier

  • 23mm
  • Quartz Movement
  • Stainless Steel and Gold Vermeil
  • Restored, 18 Month Warranty
  • Circa 1980