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Chinese Carved Jade Gong Fu Tea Server

The traditional Chinese Gong Fu tea ceremony turns the preparation, presentation, and serving of tea into an art form. Servers can study for years to properly perform this traditional tea ritual, which can last several hours and involve many stages. The numerous steps serve as a form of meditation with subtle hand movements and pouring techniques to evoke the sounds of nature.

The tea tray holds several practical and aesthetic purposes, such as holding the teapot and cups and collecting and draining any overflow of water or water poured out during the brewing process, which is critical during the ceremony.

The trays can be made from ceramic, stone, or wood and decorated with intricate patterns or designs, but stone tea trays are often prized for their natural beauty and durability. This beautiful example is crafted of hand-carved jade, with the center taking on the form of a lake or pond. Sea serpents curve around the sides as though surfacing from the water below. A drainage spout at the bottom adds further convenience and ease during use.

This outstanding tea tray is perfect for the tea enthusiast for continued use or display as a beautiful and traditional art piece.

19″ High x 31″ Wide x 2.5″ Deep


SKU: TKHA M45 $1,800
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  • Chinese
  • Gong Fu Tea Server
  • Hand Carved Jade
  • 19″ High x 31″ Wide x 2.5″ Deep