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Chinese Coromandel 4-Panel Screen

A beautiful Chinese Coromandel 4-panel folding screen. Standing at 6 feet in height, one side of the screen displays an exquisite array of colorful carved soapstone and wood appliques. Chinese decorative forms of gold scrolling and tiny flower blossoms add wonderful contrast and framing.  The reverse offers a subtler and charming 2-tone depiction of Chinese flora and fauna. Such a lovely and versatile decorative.

72″H x 64″W

Circa 1950


SKU: RSAG 241 P $950
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  • Chinese
  • 4-Panel Coromandel Screen
  • Two Color Palettes
  • Carved Soapstone and Wood Appliques
  • 72″H x 64″W
  • Circa 1950