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Chinese Pair of Cloisonne Floral Design Vases

These beautiful Chinese cloisonne vases have vibrant colorful flowers placed from top to bottom. There are also other vivid patterns that provide separation between the floral sections. A gilt rim and base encircle the vases.

Cloisonne is an ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects. Wires or thin metal strips placed on their side attach to an object to produce the desired design. This then creates small compartments that are filled with colored enamel. As a result, a very intricate process brings about a beautiful outcome.

Having exquisite vases such as these is like having bouquets of flowers in your house every day.

12″ High x 7″ Diameter

Circa 1920

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  • Chinese

  • Pair of Cloisonne Vases
  • Vibrant Floral Design
  • 12″ H x 7″ Diameter
  • Circa 1920