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Continental School Oil on Canvas Riverscape

This lovely unsigned Continental School oil on canvas depicts a tranquil riverscape. A windmill and cottage punctuate the background to creating depth. Seemingly windswept trees and foliage scatter to the foreground, further expressing dimension. A lone sailboat glides down the serene mountain lake creating a sense of calm. The piece resides in a beautifully carved gilt wood frame creating a lovely contrast to the natural colors of the painting.

The canvas image is 14″ high x 20″ wide.

The artwork framed is 20″ high x 26″ wide.

Circa 1890


SKU: AJAU 226 P $875
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  • Oil On Canvas
  • Continental School, Unsigned Painting
  • Carved Gilt Wood Frame
  • Canvas: 14″ High x 20″ Wide
  • Framed: 20″ High x 26″ Wide
  • Circa 1890