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English Perigal of London 4 Tune Musical Bracket Clock

This is one of the rarest and most interesting bracket clocks we have had the pleasure to offer in our 45 years of specializing in fine clocks. It bears the names of two of London’s finest makers, Markwich Markham & Perigal,¬†who were working jointly in this period and creating exceptional, one of a kind clocks for royalty and the carriage trade. The crown above the dial arch suggests this clock would have been made for a Royal family.

The case work is exquisite, with the most desirable, rich red tortoise shell and fine gilt bronze ormolu; a great combination of English understated restraint in style while using exotic materials throughout. One of the crowning touches is the champleve enamel dial mask with cobalt blue against the stark white porcelain dial. Every aspect of this clock is in perfect balance.

The movement is equally exciting. A three train, chain driven fusee gear train plays four melodious tunes on a nest of 10 bells with pull repeat for both the music and the hour strike. Signed on the dial and back plate, serial number on the front plate.

Circa 1760


SKU: EMAR 1000 P $125,000
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  • English
  • Signed “Markwick Markham & Perigal of London Makers to International Royalty”
  • Red dyed tortoise shell
  • Gilt bronze
  • 8 Day movement
  • 10 bell musical movement
  • 13″ L x 10″ W x 22″ H
  • Circa 1760