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English Folding Bagatelle Game Table by Joseph Zanetti

Closely related to billiards and later pinball, the game of Bagatelle gained popularity from the late 1700s to the mid-1800s. Similar to a billiards table, Bagatelle tables typically feature a felt-lined surface but differ with a line of nine numbered arches at one end and playing balls at the other. The number nine arch rests at the center, while arches 1-8 appear randomly on either side. Bagatelle tables were often designed to play various games, usually involving shooting a ball with a cue through the archways to gain points associated with the numbers.

Crafted from rich Brazilian rosewood, this Bagatelle table is cleverly designed to fold over and become a typical desk or table while not in use. A green felt surface lines the interior, complete with ivory playing balls.

This table was crafted by Joseph Zanetti of Manchester, England, with the base made in the Netherlands.

Closed 38″ high by 43.5″ wide by 27″ deep

Open 34″ high by 86″ wide by 27″ deep

Circa 1830

Original Price: $4,850 

Sale Price: $3,880

Final Close Out Sale Price: $2,990

SKU: MOAU 1202 P Inquire
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  • Bagatelle Game Table
  • By Joseph Zanetti of Manchester, England
  • Base Made In The Netherlands
  • Brazilian Rosewood Table
  • Ivory Playing Balls
  • Closed 38″ High x 43.5″ Wide x 27″ Deep
  • Open 34″ high x 86″ Wide x 27″ Deep
  • Circa 1830