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English Orrery by Eric Watson

This Orrery is hand made of gilt brass with silvered dials, executed by Eric Watson of Saddleworth, UK. This clockwork driven model of the solar system is one of few in existence to depict the Earth, Moon, Sun and 5 planets. Designed to show no visible error for at least 100 years

Elliptical gears drive the planetary motion, each with about 600 teeth, and over 80 wheels in the gear train. The Earth is formed of hammered and enameled copper, the continents overlaid in silver.

The 8 day clockwork mechanism is fusee driven. A specially engineered large club tooth lever escapement, beating seconds and incorporating a remontoire, provide adequate impulse to drive the massive train gears.

The hexagon wood base is veneered in Sapele wood, fitted with a custom-made glass cover. A drawer at the base houses the winding and setting keys.

This horological marvel is one of only 5 in existence. One of the finest orreries created in the last 100 years.


SKU: BTAY 2 $34,500
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  • English

  • By Eric Watson
  • 15″high x 20-1/2″wide
  • One year warranty
  • Circa 1982