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English Scroll Plate Skeleton Clock by J Smith & Sons London

This English scroll plate skeleton clock features a unique architectural and gothic influence. Crafted in the mid 19th century by J Smith & Sons London, the silvered and engraved Roman numeral chapter ring bears the name of the maker. A blued steel hour hand in the shape of a spade, and steel pointer minute hand display the time. Scroll plates with a cathedral style wheel train section and a gothic spire top further add to the architectural influence of the clock.

An eight day fusee driven time only movement with recoil escapement power this timepiece. This clock is fully restored with a one year warranty.

15 1/2″High x 12″ Wide x 7 1/4″ Deep, with dome and base

Circa 1850

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  • English Scroll Plate┬áSkeleton Clock

  • By J Smith & Sons
  • Eight Day Fusee Time Only Movement With Recoil Escapement
  • 15 1/2″High x 12″ Wide x 7 1/4″ Deep, with dome and base
  • Restored with a One Year Warranty
  • Circa 1850