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English Silverplate Oval Lidded Repoussé Box

This silverplate trinket box is finely detailed and depicts a classical and rollicking Bacchanalian scene in repoussé. Decorating the oval body are cherubs, young satyrs, and grapes aplenty featured in an orchard setting. Bacchus himself, attended by more of the same, is portrayed on the hinged lid. This intriguing and wonderfully versatile box dates to the late 19th century and is signed C.M. & Co.

5 1/2″H x 8″W x 7″D

Circa 1880



SKU: EANT 90 P $1,350
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  • English
  • Silverplate Oval Lidded Box
  • Repoussé Classical Bacchanalian Scene
  • Signed C.M. & Co.
  • 5 1/2″H x 8″W x 7″D
  • Circa 1880