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English Sir Walter Scott Memorial Skeleton Clock

Sir Walter Scott was a famed Scottish author.  A monument was constructed in his honor during the second half of the 19th century in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is the inspiration for this clock. 

The clock resides under a glass dome on a wood base.  Sir Walter Scott and his beloved dog, Maida, sit below an engraved dial.  An eight day, two train chain fusée movement keeps the time, and a hammer strike on a coil gong marks the hour.

This skeleton clock comes fully restored and with a one year warranty.

25″H x 15″W x 11.5″D

Circa 1875


SKU: BSCH 52 $11,500
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  • English
  • Skeleton
  • 8 Day, 2 Train Fusee Movement
  • Brass
  • Glass Dome
  • Restored, One Year Warranty
  • 25″H x 15″W x 11.5″D
  • Circa 1875