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English Walnut Sideboard Cabinet with Stained Glass Doors

This monumental sideboard is an incredible example of exemplary English craftsmanship. Crafted in smooth rich walnut, this grand piece features three tiers, creating dramatic presence. Elegant hand-carved details adorn the piece, noticeable in the expertly turned columns, balcony galleries, and carved doors. Hand carved North Wind faces decorate the length of the central drawer adding a touch of whimsy.

The sideboard features ample storage with two lower cabinets and lower shelf, one upper cabinet, and three drawers outfitted with ornate hardware handles. Classic hand leaded and stained glass doors decorate the upper cabinet providing a soft touch of color and elegant contrast to the rich walnut.

110″ High x 75″ Wide x 27″ Deep

Circa 1880

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  • English
  • Walnut Sideboard
  • Stained Glass Doors
  • 110″ High x 75″ Wide x 27″ Deep
  • Circa 1880