European Machine Woven Tapestry

An enchanting three-dimensional scene comes to life in this beautifully woven tapestry. Presented as though the viewer is gazing upon a wonderful bucolic scene through a portico balcony, the tapestry depicts an small group of horses and carriage making their way up to a spacious estate in the distant background. Two columns flank the perimeter of the scene beautifully framing the idiclic scene. Furthermore, textiles drape down and a violin leans propped against the front of the wall further enhancing the three-dimensional effect.

This beautiful tapestry measures 40 inches high by 57 inches wide.

Circa 1970


SKU: AJAU 378 P $450
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  • European
  • Machine Woven Tapestry
  • Bucolic Scene Viewed Through A Portico
  • 40″ High x 57″ Wide
  • Circa 1970