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Four Door Renaissance Revivial Walnut Sideboard with Intricate Carvings

Renaissance Revival designs borrowed heavily from various historical design styles and emphasized a grand excess of ornamentation.

This intricately carved walnut sideboard, the focal point of the Victorian dining room, has four cabinet doors. Each door has deep relief battle scenes with knights on horseback and foot soldiers. This design feature most closely represents one aspect of the Gothic style of dark and brooding medieval images. One door also features Roman centurions in a chariot, a nod to the Neoclassical style.

Neoclassical sphinx-like figures and claw feet support the sideboard’s upper and lower sections.

The sideboard also has two drawers, each with two rosette drawer pulls. The rosette design appears extensively in sculptural objects, from ancient Greek to Renaissance architecture.

Finally, floral and leaf carvings, a decorative design feature that also encompasses many eras, further enhance this eclectic mix of  Victorian Era design styles.

85 1/2″ high x 83″ wide x 24″ deep

Circa 1885

Original Price: $10,500

Sale price: $5,775

Final Closeout Sale Price: $3,990

SKU: TKHA LRED149 Inquire
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  • Victorian

  • Walnut Sideboard
  • Intricately Carved
  • Eclectic Design Styles
  • Four Cabinet Doors, Two Drawers
  • Deep Relief Battle Scenes
  • 85 1/2″ H x 83″ W x 24″ D
  • Circa 1885