French Advertising Poster by Emili Vila

This marvelous advertising poster for French cosmetic brand Crème Simon perfectly captures glamour and style. Rich colors, elegant lines, and the highly stylized presentation of this piece superbly illustrate the evocative style of the Art Deco era. Lastly, a sleek black wood frame elegantly finishes the piece.

This lovely poster is one of the most recognizable works of Spanish artist Emili Vila. Vila’s work often showcased actresses, models, and fashionable advertisements as the subjects for his stylish poster illustrations, paintings, and portraiture.

48″ high x 37 ” wide in frame

20th Century



SKU: AJAU 219 P $475
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  • French Advertising Poster For Crème Simon
  • Design By Spanish Artist Emili Vila
  • 48″ High x 37 “Wide In Frame
  • 20th Century