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French Art Deco Illuminated Bronze Sculpture

Showcasing the whimsical style and artistic fusion of the Art Deco period, this incredible French illuminated sculpture takes the form of a medieval noblewoman gazing lovingly upon a pair of doves. Adorned in a beautifully stylized costume, the figure wears an eye-catching polychrome diamond pattern across her bodice and shoulders. Her skirts are a unique pairing of worn silver over bronze with beads and adornments draping down, adding wonderful dimension.

The noblewoman’s head, hands, and doves are finely carved bone, adding lovely contrast. The figure has attained a wonderful patina adding warmth and richness to the piece. The sculpture rests on a rich black marble plinth with inset panels of translucent onyx backlit by a single lightbulb creating a marvelous glow.

Crafted by French sculptor Jean Jacquemin, this wonderful sculpture captures the modernism and unique aesthetic so characteristic of the Art Deco period.

Signed Jacquemin

19″ High x 10″ Wide x 6″ Deep

Circa 1920


SKU: ECOH 5 $3,400
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  • French
  • Art Deco Period
  • Patinaed Silver Over Bronze
  • Translucent Onyx Pannels
  • Signed Jacquemin
  • 19″ High x 10″ Wide x 6″ Deep
  • Circa 1920