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French Bronze Sculpture Of A Young Couple

Beautifully rendered, this wonderful French bronze takes the form of a young couple poised to embrace. Capturing the movement and grace in remarkable detail, the sculpture depicts the man with arms outstretched, while his attention remains solely on the lovely woman held up in dramatic pose. A sinuous shift clings to the woman’s body, accentuating her form, while the man’s musculature is depicted in amazing realism. Billowing fabric and waves swirl around both figures, creating marvelous dimensions and dramatic shapes. The work displays incredible skill and detail, most difficult to achieve in the cast bronze medium.

Signed E Marioton (1857-1933)

11″ High x 6″ Diameter

Circa 1890


SKU: TKAR 58 $1,650
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  • French
  • Cast Bronze
  • Signed E Marioton (1857-1933)
  • 11″ High x 6″ Diameter
  • Circa 1890