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French Double Singing Bird Cage Automaton

A delightful gem of antique automata, singing birds never fail to captivate. This fabulous French automaton from the late 1800s features two mechanically activated and singing birds. A crank wound and spring driven clockwork mechanism located in the base brings the birds to life. With a flick of a switch the two colorful birds begin their melody, turning their heads, moving their beaks, and wiggling tail feathers in time with their song. The birds reside within a gilded and domed circular cage upon a gilt wood base with a carved floral and scrollwork motif.

Singing birds remain among one of the most coveted and complex forms of automata. These incredible mechanical feats feature a series of cams and levers to control the movement, combined with a system of bellows to push air through slide whistles and create the realistic sounds.

This enchanting automaton has been fully restored, including hand feathering, and carries a one-year warranty.

21″ High x 11″ Diameter

Circa 1885

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  • French
  • Double Singing Bird Automaton
  • Gilt Cage And Base
  • Crank Wound
  • 21″ High x 11″ Diameter
  • Restored, One-year Warranty
  • Circa 1885