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French Gilt Bronze Compendium Desk Clock

This wonderful French compendium desk clock is beautifully crafted and practical in design featuring both a desk clock as well as a barometer. The clock resides in a lovely bronze case with two oval housings for each dial. The timepiece rests on a cast base with cast ormolu adornments around the dial, base, and handle. An 8-day timepiece-only movement powers the clock which displays the time on a porcelain dial with Roman numeral hours and Arabic numeral minutes. The barometer displays the barometric pressure on a hand-painted porcelain dial with “Stormy, Rain, Change, Fair, and Very Fair” indicators.

This compendium clock bears a restoration and a one-year warranty.

7.25″ High x 8″ Wide x 3.5″ Deep

Circa 1880

SKU: FOAG 109 P $2,450 Inquire
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  • French
  • Compendium Desk Clock
  • 8-Day Timepiece Only Clock & Barometer
  • Cast Bronze Ormouly Case
  • Restored, One-Year Warranty
  • 7.25″ High x 8″ Wide x 3.5″ Deep
  • Circa 1880