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French Hand Carved Console Table with Marble Top

This elegant late 19th-century French console table features ornate hand carvings and wonderful detail. Carved with opulent, heavy decorations, this table is a marvelous example of the grand decor seen in late 1800s French design. The base is carved in stunning detail and gilded with a lavish finish. Acanthus leaves adorn the base, while an urn overflowing with garlands ornaments the bottom. With a wonderfully veined white marble top and a mirrored base completing the design, this console would make a grand statement in any home.

38″ High x 58″ Wide x 22″ Deep

Circa 1880


SKU: KAUC 163A P $7,500
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  • French
  • Hand-Carved Console Table
  • Gilt Wood
  • Marble Top
  • Mirrored Base
  • 38″ High x 58″ Wide x 22″ Deep
  • Circa 1880