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French Monumental Onyx Tall Case Clock

This stunning tall case clock might very well have graced a palace or grand chateau. The case is crafted in translucent green and rose color onyx.  Decorative gilt bronze ormolu adorns the clock from top to bottom. Additionally, four impressive finials and a figural Father Time sit atop the clock. Large porcelain cartouche Roman numerals are embedded in the finely engraved gilt brass dial. Also, an outer cartouche ring features arabic numeral hours. A sunburst pendulum is displayed behind a glass window. This image often represents Louis XIV, the Sun King.

An eight day fully restored two train movement strikes on a bell on the hour and half hour. A one year warranty comes with the clock.

Certainly this exquisite museum quality clock provides instant grandeur to the well appointed home.

112″ high x 25″ wide x 17″ deep

Circa 1880


SKU: DDRI BKLI4 $75,000 Inquire
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  • French

  • Monumental Tall Case Clock
  • Translucent Green and Rose Onyx
  • Gilt Bronze & Brass Ormolu
  • 112″ High x 25″ Wide x 17″ Deep
  • Circa 1880