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French Rocking Ship Automaton Clock

This exceptional French automaton clock combines clockmaking and the complexity of mechanical automation. Built in 1875, the clock resides in a patinated bronze case with gilt brass ormolu. A ship resting upon a blue fabric sea is the automation centerpiece. Gilt faces, mermaids, and sea serpents adorn the clock, enhancing the nautical motif. Figures of buildings and townspeople along the top of the case complete the harbor scene.

An elegant engine-turned dial displays the time, striking the hour to trigger the clock’s animation. The ship will rock in a circular pattern, known as a pitch and roll motion to achieve a realistic movement of a ship upon the water.

Mechanical achievements such as automata were at the forefront of technological advancement during this period and among the highest luxuries to own.

18″ High x  15-1/2″ Wide x 7″ Deep

Circa 1875


SKU: RJ WHAR112P $14,500
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  • French
  • Patinated Bronze and Gilt Brass
  • Ship Rocking Animation Every Hour
  • 18″ High x  15-1/2″ Wide x 7″ Deep
  • Restored, One Year Warranty
  • Circa 1875