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French Sculpture of a Military Officer

An exceptional bronze sculpture of a military officer by French artist Aime-Jules Dalou. A well-regarded sculptor, Dalou’s works are on display in national and international museums alike. Beautifully cast by a Paris foundry owned at the time by Joseph Malesset. Said foundry had an excellent reputation and quite a lineage — it went through several owners/operators; however, the foundry began and ended under the esteemed foundry name of Thiebaut-Freres. This sculpture exhibits the wonderful casting, chiseling, and patina the foundry was known for.

This fine sculpture portrays a very composed military officer and displays excellent detail, artistry, and scale. It has a wonderful black patina. Also, the base is signed “Dalou” and bears the foundry mark ” J. Malesset Fondeur D’Art Paris.”

14″ Height

Circa 1906



SKU: ECOH 43 $1,900
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  • French
  • Bronze Figural Sculpture
  • Aime-Jules Dalou (1836-1902)
  • Joseph Malesset Foundry
  • 14″ Height
  • Circa 1906