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French Three Dial Time and Weather Compendium Clock

This unique French compendium clock is a beautiful marvel of clockmaking ingenuity. Three porcelain dials stand atop gilt brass pillars, each respectively housing a clock, barometer, and thermometer inside a gilt brass and expertly champlevé enameled case. The clock houses an 8-day timepiece movement and displays the hour on Arabic numerals. The dials stand on a luxurious revolving green onyx base which spins to display information to the viewer’s liking. Delicate and refined champlevé enamel further adorn the entire piece highlighting the rich color of the onyx.

This superb timepiece bears a complete restoration to all three mechanisms and a one-year warranty.

13″ High x 9-1/2″ Diameter

Circa 1900


SKU: ROSA 632 P $5,700
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  • French

  • Green Onyx, Gilt Brass, and Champlevé Enamel Case
  • Time and Weather Compendium Clock
  • Clock, Barometer, and Thermometer
  • 8-Day Time Only Movement
  • Fully Restored, One Year Warranty
  • 13″ High x 9-1/2″ Diameter
  • Circa 1900