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German Painting On Fired Porcelain “‘Senta’ The Fishing Maid” By Beggemburger

Titled “Senta The Fishing Maid,” this late 1800s German artwork is an enchanting rendering of the lovely and tragic character from the early 19th century opera “The Flying Dutchman.” Senta is beautifully captured with a look of longing as she gazes onto the wide expanse of ocean. The undulating sea and far-off islands fading into the background express picturesque depth and perspective.

The painting is wonderfully executed on kiln-fired porcelain, a laborious and delicate process that produces a depth of color after firing each layer of paint. Finally, a decorative painted and carved wood frame with gold matte completes this marvelous work of art.

14″ High x 16.5″ Wide – In Frame

7″ High x 10″ Wide – Image only

Signed Beggemburger

Circa 1880


SKU: ECOH 39 $750
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  • German
  • Painting On Fired Porcelain
  • Titled “Senta The Fishing Maid”
  • Frame Signed “Porcelain Painting By Beggemburger”
  • Painted Wood Frame With Gold Matte
  • 14″ High x 16.5″ Wide
  • Circa 1880