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German Walnut Open-Well Hall Clock

This magnificent German hall clock is an outstanding example of German clockmaking. Housed in a deeply colored walnut open-well case, the clock features exquisite hand-carved detail throughout. Fierce gargoyles below the dial and at the base adorn the clock in remarkable dimension and captivating realism, while whimsical faces, delicate floral garlands, and scrollwork accent the clock in enchanting contrast.

An 8-day spring-driven movement powers the clock, which will strike the hour and half-hour on a tuned gong. The clock displays the time upon a simple yet elegant wood dial with brass inlaid Roman numerals and brass hands.

This masterful hall clock is fully restored and has a one-year warranty.

103″ High x 29″ Wide

Circa 1880


SKU: AARC 1 P $12,500
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  • German
  • Open-Well Hall Clock
  • Carved Oak Case
  • 8-Day Spring-Driven Movement
  • Hour & Half-Hour Gong Strike
  • 103″ High x 29″ Wide
  • Restored, One-Year Warranty
  • Circa 1880