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Italian Mechanical Oak Writing Desk

Indulge in the allure of this astounding Italian mechanical writing desk. A captivating masterpiece that embodies mastery and innovation, this piece dates to the mid-1860s and transports you to a bygone era of sophistication, artistry, and ingenuity.

The standout feature of this writing desk is its ingenious mechanical design. As you pull open the center drawer, the geometric marquetry inlaid surface smoothly retracts into the desk, revealing a spacious and functional workspace. A rich tooled leather top emerges below, creating the perfect writing surface that can be seamlessly hidden and locked away to its owner’s preference.

Full figural and deep relief sculptures adorn the entire desk. Cherubs stand with their arms raised at the lower corners while further depictions adorn the lower door facades. Leaves, vines, and detailed floral patterns embellish the entire desk culminating in a beautifully intricate crown above the desk.

Crafted from solid oak, this desk exemplifies durability and longevity. Renowned for its strength and resistance, oak makes the perfect choice for furniture to endure over time as this piece beautifully has. The natural grain and rich color further enhance the desk’s aesthetic appeal, adding a touch of warmth and character to any space.

This desk’s age, elaborate craftmanship, and complexity can only suggest it would have resided in a home of great status in its day. Whether placed in a classic study or a refined eclectic setting today, this writing desk is truly like owning and using a piece of history.

60″High x 63″ Wide x 33″ Deep

Circa 1865

SKU: KAUC 148 P $12,500 Inquire
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  • Italian
  • Oak Mechanical Writing Desk
  • Retractable Marquetry Inlaid Top
  • Tooled Leather Writing Surface Below
  • 60″High x 63″ Wide x 33″ Deep
  • Circa 1865