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Italian Oil On Canvas Signed E. Sturani

This Italian oil on canvas still life is truly a feast for the eyes. The scene captures an abundant tablescape overflowing with fruit and foliage on a marble table. Rich textiles drape from the walls and over the table, adding marvelous texture and dimension. Elegant decanters and plates artfully punctuate the table, creating further height and depth to the painting. The artist’s use of rich, luxurious colors brings a decadent and vibrant ambiance to the work.

Signed E. Sturani

29″ High x 39″ Wide

Circa 1900


SKU: AJAU 76 P $2,250
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  • Italian
  • Oil On Canvas Still Life
  • Black Wood Frame
  • Signed E. Sturani
  • 29″ High x 39″ Wide
  • Circa 1900