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Japanese Ikebana Bronze Flower Vase

The art of traditional Japanese flower arrangement, or Ikebana, dates back to the 7th century. Originally, artfully crafted floral offerings were made at altars. Ikebana has grown over the centuries and now includes over 1000 different schools in Japan and abroad. It is more like sculpture in that a few intentionally placed branches or flowers are as dynamic as an abundant arrangement.

This bronze Ikebana vase has silver inlay and overlay. Additional mixed metals also blend with some of the silver designs. The Japanese art of inlaying multi-colored metals into another material is called Zogan. This exceptional example depicts birds, leaves, and floral patterns in the overlays. Overall, an array of intricately formed geometric patterns comprises the majority of the inlay work. Finally, flower and vine handles attach to the sides.

12″ High x 8″ Diameter

Circa 1890

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  • Japanese

  • Bronze Ikebana Vase
  • The Art of Flower Arrangement
  • Silver Inlay and Overlay
  • Natural and Geometric Patterns
  • 12″ High x 8″ Diameter
  • Circa 1890