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Pair of Czechoslovakian Bohemian Ruby Glass Lustres

This pair of ruby red Bohemian lustres exhibit a stunning color and exquisite craftsmanship. Originally found on the mantles, sideboards, and tables of  the wealthiest Victorian households, lustres often served as decorative objects or candleholders. By placing a candle in the center, the dangling prisms (lustres) beautifully catch and disperse the candlelight. This opulent pair feature large glass prisms on both the bottom and top tiers, a rare feature in lustres. This design serves to doubly to catch and reflect the light marvelously. Elegant hand painted and floral enameling adorn the vases. Furthermore, gilt accents add luxurious ornamentation to these dazzling pieces.

14.75″High  x 7.5″Diameter

Circa 1910


SKU: TKAR 55 $1,530
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  • Czechoslovakian

  • Bohemian Ruby Glass Lustres
  • Double Tier of Prisms
  • Hand Painted Floral Enameling with Gilt Accents
  • 14.75″High x 7.5″Diameter
  • Circa 1910