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Regina 12 Disc Automatic Changer Style 35

This incredible automatic changer music box by the Regina Music Box Company of Rahway, New Jersey, can change between twelve musical discs, giving the listener the premier in home entertainment. With the flip of a switch, a disc will automatically raise to the mechanism, play, and lower again, continuing on to playing the next disc in sequence for as long as desired.

This marvelous machine dates to the early 20th century and resides in an impeccable hand-carved Honduran mahogany case. Barley twist columns and the original carved crest adorn the machine. The cabinet also features an elegant bow front design with a vibrant later copper foil stained glass door in the style of the optional glass doors offered by Regina. The instrument plays on a double comb musical movement with 156 tuned teeth each playing a musical note.

68″ High x 26-1/2″ Wide x 22-1/2″ Deep

Circa 1910


SKU: TRAU 319 P $27,000
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  • American
  • Regina Style 35 Automatic Changer Disc Music Box
  • Double Comb Musical Movement, 156 Tuned Teeth
  • Honduran Mahogany Case With Original Crest
  • Custom Reproduction Stained Glass Door
  • 68″ High x 26-1/2″ Wide x 22-1/2″ Deep
  • 12 Discs Included With Purchase
  • Restored, One Year Warranty
  • Circa 1910