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Regina Style 34 Orchestral Corona 27″ Automatic Changer Music Box

This majestic Regina Style 34 coin-operated 27″ Orchestral Corona is an early jukebox! Insert a nickel, and the machine will raise the chosen song to the mechanism, play, and lower again automatically. This marvelous machine dates to 1910 and boasts an impressive mahogany case and the ability to hold 12 discs at a time to interchange. The impeccably crafted painted glass bears the Regina name, the “Corona” crown logo at the center, and delightful decorative accents. Beautiful cast brass corner spandrels adorn the top doors above.

The Regina Music Box Company of Rahway, New Jersey, held international prestige from the mid-1880s to the advent of the phonograph in the early 20th century. The company quickly gained tremendous popularity, producing some of the era’s most beautifully crafted and finest-sounding machines, with automatic changers among the rarest and most impressive. Due to their incredibly high cost, few could afford music boxes of this caliber and complexity, which limited the market for such machines tremendously. An extremely limited number of 27″ automatic disc changers such as this were ever created, and even fewer have survived in such outstanding condition. This is a fabulous example ready for any collection.

This beautiful automatic changer bears a complete restoration and carries a one-year warranty.

66″ High x 36″ Wide x 24″ Deep

Circa 1910


SKU: PPRE 1 $37,000
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  • American
  • Regina Music Box Company of Rahway, New Jersey
  • Style 34 Orchestral Corona 27″ Automatic Changer Music Box
  • 12 Disc Coin Operated Mechanism
  • Mahogany Case
  • 66″ High x 36″ Wide x 24″ Deep
  • Restored, One-Year Warranty
  • Circa 1910