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Russian Wall Regulator In Brazilian Rosewood Case With Brass, Pewter & Enamel Inlay

This magnificent and rare Russian regulator exemplifies the art of clockmaking. The monumental clock measures 64 inches high and is expertly crafted of luxurious Brazilian rosewood with an elegant carved crown and columns along each side. Exceptional inlays of brass, pewter, and enamel vibrantly accent the entire case with marvelous images of birds and floral patterns.

The time displays on a three-dimensional hand painted dial with pierced fretwork hands pointing to porcelain cartouche Roman numerals framed with brass. The dial center features a subsidiary calendar dial with an impressive skeletonized and jeweled pallet Brocot escapement adding further complexity. Below the dial hangs a Harrison gridiron-style pendulum for accuracy with a large brass pendulum bob.

Powering the clock is an 8-day two-weight movement, which strikes the hour and half-hour on a tuned gong.

This exceptional horological masterpiece carries a complete restoration and a one-year warranty.

64″ High x 16″ Wide x 8″ Deep

Circa 1850

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  • Russian
  • Wall Regulator
  • Brazilian Rosewood Case With Brass, Pewter & Enamel Marquetry Inlaid Case
  • 8-Day 2 Weight Movement with Hour & Half-Hour Gong Strike
  • 3 Dimensional Painted Dial
  • Porcelain Cartouche Roman Numerals
  • Skeletonized & Jeweled Pallet Brocot Escapement
  • Harrison Gridiron Style Pendulum
  • 64″ High x 16″ Wide x 8″ Deep
  • Restored, One-Year Warranty
  • Circa 1850