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Spanish Art Nouveau Bronze Sculpture By Francisco Flora

Spanish artist Francisco Flora captures wonderful movement and detail in this beautiful late 19th-century bronze sculpture. Gracefully, a young woman looks over her shoulder, superbly capturing a gentle S curve that often defines Art Nouveau period works. Draped in a sinuous gown with dramatic flounced sleeves and a floral corsage on her shoulder, her form exquisitely achieves the natural forms and organic lines that further make the Art Nouveau movement distinctive. Finally, this marvelous sculpture rests atop a green Italian marble base presenting lovely contrast against the bronze.

29″ High x 11″ Deep

Signed F. Flora

Circa 1895


SKU: TKAR 64 $3,450
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  • Spanish
  • Signed F. Flora
  • Bronze Sculpture
  • Italian Marble Base
  • 29″ High x 11″ Deep
  • Art Nouveau Period
  • Circa 1895