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Swiss 18K Gold Chronometer Pocket Watch By Augustin Perret

Crafted by Swiss watchmaker Augustin Perret, this extravagant pocket watch is a striking example of horological artistry. The ornate 18K yellow gold hunter case displays a lavish gold and silver dial executed with masterful skill. Intricate scrollwork envelops the watch creating a decorative foliate wreath around the bezel. The face features further elaborate gilt ornamentation with intertwining ribbons at the dial center. Roman and Arabic numerals indicate the time in elegant contrast against the silver chapter ring. In further opulence, shimmering diamonds adorn each gold hand.

The handsome timepiece houses a precision key wind and lever set 3/4 nickel plate chronometer movement. Furthermore, the mechanism features a pivoted detent escapement with amplitude limiter, bi-metallic balance wheel, and a blued steel helical shape hairspring. Finally, the lavishness continues onto the watch’s interior with jewels set in gold at each pivot from the movement’s center wheel to the escapement.

This rare and remarkable watch bears a complete restoration and a one-year warranty.

Serial Number: 10498

54 millimeters

Circa 1890


SKU: BANY 20 P $9,800
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  • Swiss
  • Signed Augustin Perret
  • 18K Yellow Gold Hunter Case
  • Gold and Silver Dial With Roman Numerals
  • Gold Hands Each Set With 3 Diamonds
  • Key Wind Level Set Chronometer Movement
  • 3/4 Nickel Plate Movement Cover
  • Gold Set Jewels At Each Pivot
  • Pivoted Detent Escapement
  • Amplitude Limiter
  • Bi-Metallic Balance Wheel
  • Blued Steel Helical Hairspring
  • Serial # 10498
  • 54mm
  • Fully Restored, One Year Warranty
  • Circa 1890