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Swiss Bremond 14″ Cylinder Six Tune Music Box

A wonderful cylinder music box crafted by B.A. Bremond of Geneva, one of the most highly regarded producers of mechanical music boxes. Playing six lovely tunes, or aires, in a case of faux painted rosewood with a beautiful and elaborately inlaid floral marquetry lid. Featuring an early rachet-wind mechanism and a finely tuned 100-tooth comb. This enchanting cylinder music box has been fully restored and bears a one-year warranty.

6″ High x 22 1/2″ Wide x 8 1/2″ Deep

Circa 1875



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  • Swiss
  • B. A. Bremond, Geneva
  • 14″ Cylinder
  • 6 Tunes
  • Floral Marquetry Inlaid Lid
  • Restored, One-year Warranty
  • 6″H x 22 1/2″W x 8 1/2″D
  • Circa 1875