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Swiss Movado Ermeto Chronometer Pocket or Purse Watch

A rare vintage Movado Ermeto pocket or purse watch. First launched in the 1920’s these unconventional watches were totally unique and very trendy among the elite. These historic little timepieces were popular with both men and women. A bale on the corner of the case enabled them to be used with a chain for a pocket watch, purse watch, or even worn around the neck for travel.

This model is in wonderful condition. It features a high-grade movement in a stainless steel case, which is enclosed by an alligator-covered sliding case. The square watch dial has radium Arabic numerals and hands, and a seconds dial. Also, it has a kickstand for propping up.  This rare timepiece bears a full restoration and an 18-month warranty.

Serial #1251-219M

49mm x 35mm Closed

49mm x 75mm Open

Circa 1930


SKU: PCOL W17 P $1,175 Inquire
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  • Swiss
  • Movado
  • Stainless Steel
  • Ermeto Chronometer
  • Alligator-covered Sliding Case
  • Dial with Radium Arabic Numerals and Hands
  • Serial #1251-219M
  • 49mm x 35mm Closed, 49mm x 75mm Open
  • Restored, 18 Month Warranty
  • Circa 1930